// Der Falkenlandkonflikt 1982

A 42 page, 4-color soft-cover catalogue
(self-published 2015). The catalogue implies
a CD with a selection of film sequences with
a total length of 10 minutes.

The book shows the work „Otrés“ in 10 card
pages (24mm). It contains a text by Kirill
Schröder. This self-published book (2015)
was made in a limited edition.
strange teaching - monads with windows

The soft cover catalogue with 64 pages is
published 2015 by the State Academy of Fine Arts
Stuttgart. It represents the experimental time
from May 5 to 18, 2014 with Florian Reither
(Gelitin member) Manfred Pernice, Wolfgang
Mayer (Discoteca Flaming Star) Rainer Ganahl
and a selection of their students.

„fünf! Jahre nachtspeicher23 e.V“ is a 72 page soft cover catalogue
published by „Verlag für permanente Kunst“. The anniversary catalogue of the independant exhibition room „nachtspeicher23“ in Hamburg contains pictures of all exhibitions from December 2008 to November 2013.
The book can be purchased on amazon.com
ISBN/EAN: 9783944173023